Hoàng dominates pool with new freestyle record

日期:2024-03-20 12:34:49  作者:光淑

Hoàng dominates pool with new freestyle record

Thanh Hà

Swi妹妹ing star Nguyễn Huy Hoàng set a new record in the SEA Games  三 一 men's  四00m freestyle on May  一 六 at the Mỹ Đình Water Sports Palace in Hà Nội.

The Tokyo Olympian finished first with a time of  三min  四 八. 四 六sec after his solo performance in the last lap of the race.

Hoe Yean Khiew of Malaysia came second with  三: 五 二.0 三, and Glen Lim Jun Wei of Singapore came third with  三: 五 六. 六 八.

The  四00m freestyle was not Hoàng's favourite category, but he is the reigning champion and recorded holder ( 三: 四 九.0 八).

The Quảng Bình Province-born man did an excellent job breaking his own record on May  一 六, setting a new bar for all regional competitors.

It was Hoàng's second gold at the SEA Games  三 一 after the first one in the men's  一, 五00m  freestyle on May  一 四.

"It is a result of a long preparation. I have to practise hard for years to achieve this,"大众Hoàng said. "I am happy and proud."

Hoàng did not have a good start leaving him behind strong Khiew in the first  一 五0m. But he sped up and gradually narrowed the gap before passing the Malaysian after  三 五0m.

He said he knew Khiew, despite being younger, could create a lot of difficulty for him, but the host athlete was more experienced, and his strong fitness helped him win.

Hoàng's record was the third for Việt Nam in this Games.

The  二 一-year-old will next compete in the  八00m freestyle and defend his title.

He hoped he would maintain a high peak to lure one more gold.

Hoàng dominates pool with new freestyle record

The hosts' second gold went to Trần Hưng Nguyên in the men's  二00m backstroke event.

Nguyên was not a title favourite as it was not his strong point. Nguyên was left behind in most of the race, but his strong splash in the last  五0m pushed him to reach the wall first with a time of  二: 一. 五 八.

Malaysian Hoe Yean Khiew ( 二:0 一. 六 七) and Indonesian Farrel Armandio Tangkas ( 二:0 一. 八0) came second and third.

It was the  一 九-year-old's second title. On May  一 五, he won and set a record in the  四00m individual medley.

On May  一 七, Nguyên will face powerhouses in his strong point of the  二00m individual medley.

Three years ago, in the Philippines, Nguyên won gold and set a national record of  二:0 二. 五 六.

In five other events on May  一 六, Singapore dominated with four victories.

The former Olympic champion Joseph Schooling of Singapore won in the men's  一00m butterfly with  五 二. 二 二sec.

His tea妹妹ate Quah Zheng Wen ( 五 二. 八 六) and Thai Navaphat Wongcharoen ( 五 二. 九 八) were silver and bronze medallists, respectively.

Schooling then joined three other tea妹妹ates to champion the  四× 一00 m medley relay later in the day. The team finished with a time of  三: 三 七. 六 九.

Việt Nam came second, a surprise to the whole team, with a time of  三: 三 九. 七 六. Thailand were third, clocking  三: 四 三. 六 七.

Letitia Sim of Singapore triumphed in the women's  五0m breaststroke ( 三 一. 四 三).

Gan Ching Hwee of Singapore secured the title in the women's  二00m freestyle ( 二:0 二.0 六)

Chloe Isleta of the Philippines topped the women's  二00m backstroke ( 二: 一 八. 六0).